Buddha to Buddha Essential Necklace

Whether you stand for the “balance" of Yin Yang the “everlasting consciousness” of the Endless Knot, “purity” of the Lotus Flower or the ‘happiness and innocent
joy” of the Buddha, the four pendants come in 2 sizes, offering multiple options in combination with the different lengths of necklaces.
Examine the pendants for their stylish design, traces of links from existing bestsellers and the expert way of creation by our master silversmiths.

Buddha to Buddha introduces a new program that allows everyone to mix ‘n match!The two new essential necklaces – unmistakenly Buddha
to Buddha and casted out of 925 sterling silver – form the basis for the
personalization of your own Buddha to Buddha jewellery.

Width | approx. 75 cm
Gender | unisex
Material | 925 sterling silver
Color | silver
Weight | from approx. 22 gram

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