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Keeping time making time

watch 2

Be aware of every moment with a Buddha to Buddha watch

Many of us live a hectic life in which time, or the lack of it, seems to dominate our daily rhythm. Do you live fully in the present? Or do you feel that time is often passing you by? A Buddha to Buddha watch allows you to embrace time and make the most of it.

Time may be an abstraction, but when you need to finish something and the clock is ticking, it can feel very real. In Zen philosophy, each moment is the universe and we should concentrate on simply being ‘in the moment’. Keeping time is not just giving in to the dictations of our agenda, it’s also a way to stay in the present and remind ourselves of all that’s going on in the world around us. And making time for friends and enjoyable experiences is another way to give meaning to our life.

Which is why our collection of watches, or ‘timepieces’, fit so well with the Buddha to Buddha approach to life. A superior blend of Swiss quality, the finest materials and the best craftsmanship make every watch a unique piece of jewellery. But they also illustrate that time is motion and make us aware that our life is constantly changing.

The exquisite attention to detail that distinguishes these watches is a reflection of our philosophy of mindfulness and taking responsibility. Whether you prefer the high-speed, adrenalin-filled life or the gentle rhythm of the ocean, you’ll find a Buddha to Buddha watch to suit your lifestyle. And those of you who look for emotional inspiration will find in the unique Mindstate Ring of the Aquatic Explorer collection a subtle reminder of what makes life really worthwhile.


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