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Buddha People: So many people, so many stories – what’s yours?


It all started when Batul Loomans, the founder off Buddha to Buddha was on holiday in India. He got inspired by meditation and the spirituality of his surroundings and designed a silver bracelet. He took the design to a local silversmith, and so the Buddha to Buddha legend began.   All good stories have a beginning, a middle and an - but no, the story of Buddha to Buddha has just started and we don't expect it to end for a long, long time to come. The story of Buddha to Buddha is a tale of people and the passion that connects them. There are many threads to this story, because everyone has a different reason for being connected with Buddha to Buddha.   Some people are simply attracted by the beauty of our jewellery, watches and apparel. They love the boldness of the design and the excellence of craftsmanship that is reflected in every piece. Others are inspired by the message of a joyful and meaningful way of life that we try to convey and feel a deep connection with the spiritual approach of Batul Loomans. And then there are those who, feel strongly about charity and what we do together with the Bali Children Foundation and give their full support to this initiative.   The people that work for and with us have become much more than fellow workers. Their stories are about creativity and being part of an open-minded and original approach to doing business. It’s a lovely tale of friendship and collaboration across the globe.   Many famous, inspiring and trend-setting personalities love wearing our pieces. If you look at their stories, you will see that they have found a new, unique approach to make them stand out and provide inspiration to their many fans. Just like Buddha to Buddha.   The story of Buddha to Buddha is created and expanded every day and we want to invite our fans and followers to add their own stories. What attracts you to Buddha to Buddha? What is your favourite piece of jewellery or watch, and why? Share your story with us and join our community of passionate people. 

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