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Imitation is obviously a great form of flattery. 

Imitation handbags, watches and also jewellery have been around for quite some years now. Buddha to Buddha has recently been added to the long lists of brands that are being copied along the line of Tiffany & co, Cartier and Swarovski. Not only Is the jewellery imitated but also the packaging and warranty cards. Buddha to Buddha would like to address this problem so less people will be victimized by these false promises.

Authorized dealers

The quality of the fake duplicates is in no way to be compared to the craftsmanship of the original pieces, so be warned. We advise you strongly to only buy Buddha to Buddha items from authorized dealers. For a list of all our official point of sale you can check our website: buddhatobuddha.com/shopfinder.

Real of fake?

Buddha to Buddha only sells the highest quality  925 silver with perfect finishing and we do not allow for anything less. Shops, webshops and online market-places that offer ‘Buddha to Buddha-like’, Buddha to Buddha Style’ or ‘silver-plated Buddha to Buddha’ are just not selling you the real deal. Buddha to Buddha jewellery is all handmade in Asia. Every piece is crafted by a silversmith. Imitation Buddha to Buddha products are usually developed in China under poor circumstances. The items are made from alpaca with only a silver coating. Therefore they feel heavier, the silver may change colour or even detach from the fake product.


Shops in Indonesia that offer ‘Buddha to Buddha-like’, ‘Buddha to Buddha Style’ or ‘silver-plated Buddha to Buddha’ are just not selling you the real Buddha to Buddha products. There are just three authorized Buddha to Buddha dealers in Indonesia, these shops are: 


Buddha to Buddha Bali

Shop in Shop in conceptstore Housewives on Fire

Jalan Mertanadi 22XX


Bali - Indonesia

Tel: +62 (0)878 62398260


Buddha to Buddha @ United shop

Jalan Petitenget no.98


Bali - Indonesia


Borobudur Silver 1

Jalan Menteri Supeno 41

Yogyakarta 55162


Tel: +62 (0)274 374037


Borobudur Silver 2

Jalan Mayor Kusen Km.2,4




Tel: + 60 (0)293 789322

The other shops or people who are admitting that they are selling our products are not selling our real products. It is silver, but it is mostly not 925 sterling silver and it is bad polished. Besides that there is no assurance from our side.

Also the factory where our jewellery is made in Bali is not public. There is no accessible Buddha to Buddha factory where you can buy jewellery from us. If you have further questions about the authenticity of our products you can always ask them by sending us an email to: info@buddhatobuddha.com


If you want to buy a secondhand piece online, please do it cautiously. Have a good look at the available pictures from the seller and when in doubt always ask for more. If you only receive pictures that come from the original Buddha to Buddha website, view this as suspicious and same goes for blurry photos. Demand the original purchase receipt or a copy from their point of sales.

Your help is greatly appreciated

You can help us pinpoint the people in the wrong. If shops in your neighborhood sell copies of our jewellery, with or without the Buddha to Buddha logo or refer to our brand in any way, please inform us. We hope to safeguard the exclusivity of our collection so that you, as our client also reap the benefit of this.

In short

If an offer or advertisement is too good to be true, then it probably is. Always keep in mind: In case of doubt, DON’T do it. We advise you to buy your items from authorized dealers only. For a list of points of sales, please check our website.