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We Create In Amsterdam | That is no ordinary jewellery you are wearing!


It starts with our designers. Actually, with our designers minds. They are so creative, that many of their ideas are complex to realize into an actual product. A fascinating process of sketching, mock-up building, try-outs and a close collaboration with our silversmiths. Only if the inspiration and design result in a piece of jewellery that can actually be worn and ticks all the Buddha to Buddha brand value boxes, will we consider launching it into the markets. A process that takes an average of 6 months before there is green light for a jewellery piece in our collection. So we consider all our jewellery true masterpieces. Far from simple, but proud to make it look like it was.


All our jewellery designs start in Amsterdam, our home base, and renowned around the world as a liberal and creative hub that frees your mind. Maybe that is why Buddha to Buddha designs are so strong and last for many years. No fast fashion, but timeless creations, loved and worn for a lifetime. Think about it.

Buddha to Buddha – designed from our heart in Amsterdam.



In life there are things so refined,

you would hardly believe they were made by mankind.


Perfection created by human design,

starting with a blank piece of paper and one simple line.


The world we live in is our inspiration,

we search on small markets and travel to different cities to do our investigation.


Textures, links and symbols is what we seek,

it is that one little thing that can make the new designs so unique.


A chain forms the base for every Buddha to Buddha design,

it stands for a connection, unisex and is a spiritual sign.


It has a timeless shape and form,

but the challenge is to reinvent the chain every season, so it can be worn.


A million ideas will cross the table and the designers mind,

too big, too small, too fragile, another sketch declined.


But once we all agree,

we use traditional and modern techniques, to make a model in 3D.


We are chain makers that use the link design to create balance and unity,

we want to make you aware of here and now, by designing unconventional jewellery.


Universal jewellery that is made for him and her together,

either made out of 925 sterling silver or made out of leather. 


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