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Never change a winning team


Twice a year, Buddha to Buddha launches a new collection. "Collection" is actually not the right word, because what it is, is in fact the start of possible new iconic silver pieces that are not temporary (like in a collection) but are here to keep. Just because they are loved by so many people, year in, year out.

In fact, there are quite a few of these Buddha to Buddha evergreens on the market and this month, we celebrate 5 of them.

First, there is the Chain. Brought to market as Buddha to Buddha's second creation, right after the legendary Batul bracelet, the Chain is going strong for almost 20 years now. The first Chains didn't even have a logo on them and only in 1997, each bracelet had the iconic lock including the figure 8 for secure fastening and the logo plate (back then with buddhatobuddha.com, something hip and trendy to mention!).


Then, there is the Edwin, named after business partner Edwin Krijgsman, introduced in 1995. It is a broad and flat link that is extremely popular with men, and can pride itself in an extended family of more than 10 members. The Edwin is obviously not a trend item, but a lifelong companion for any wearer.


Naming our products after people we hold dear, is something not everyone is aware of. Not only employees, but also valued business partners, like the Ben or Kadek bracelets. The Ben, more than 20 items in his family, very strong in pure silver but also in leather or adorned with stones, is named after owner of Amsterdam-based clothing store Unoperdue, one of the first retailers to stock Buddha to Buddha, back in the 90s.


The Kadek is a token of appreciation to a true artist in Bali, who has created so many beautiful jewellery for us since the early 90s, making the impossible possible.


And finally, there is Nathalie, named after the younger sister of Dennis Rugebregt, co-owner of the brand. The very feminin bracelet with its thinner and thicker locks welded together into a playful icon resemble the strong connection with its namesake, who created many well-remembered pieces for Buddha to Buddha's Easyfit apparel collection.


Check them out, our 5 heroes, as they may have become of age, but are as young-spirited and timeless as if they were born this morning. 

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