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Be the change you wish to see in the world


By Batul Loomans - Founder Buddha to Buddha

The moment I started Buddha to Buddha in 1992 was also the first year that I was in India. After having worked for a couple of weeks with Mother Theresa in Calcutta, I left for Goa. This is an old Portuguese colony a couple of hours south of Bombay on the coast. For years, Goa remained my favourite place to hang out with friends on the beach. I stayed many winters in the Osho meditation centre when Holland got too cold. In the beginning, I followed many therapy training sessions to thoroughly clean out my own system. The first conversation I had at this special place (www.osho.com) was with Anando. A woman who had been meditating for many years and, to me, the most relaxed being I had ever met. The conversation was called BUDDHA TO BUDDHA and the meeting left me with such strong impressions that I immediately gave that name to the jewellery collection.

Meditation enables me to distance myself from my own and everybody else’s busy head. Each day we ‘process’ between 50 and 120.000 thoughts. Sitting quietly just by myself or with a friend allows me to view my thoughts from a distance rather than identify with them. And the grass grows by itself… as Osho could put it so beautifully. When the train of my thoughts runs a little slower, room is made for peace and creativity. During all the years I have had the privilege of being involved with Buddha to Buddha, this has been one of my tools to return nicely to my own core and at the same time enjoy the beautiful process of creation for this wonderful brand. In Bali we filmed 50 short 1-minute meditations. All supremely simple ‘tools’ to help inspire you. When you watch the videos, join in and discover for yourself that we are more than just our thoughts.

Embrace Life!