QUIZ: Which Buddha to Buddha collection is your perfect match?


Date: 21-08-2023
Estimated reading time: 6min


Welcome to the Buddha to Buddha quiz that will help you discover which jewelry collection best suits your spirit! Are you ready to get to know yourself better and see which collection reflects your style the best? In this quiz, we'll take you on a journey of self-discovery and style choices!

See which letter you've most frequently chosen as your answer and find out which collection aligns with your spirit the best!



Question 1: How do you handle challenges in life? 
A) I face challenges head-on and strive to conquer them.  
B) I approach challenges with a calm and mindful attitude.  
C) I tackle challenges by following my heart and using my inner energy and passion.  
D) I pay attention to details and handle challenges consciously and patiently.  
E) I fearlessly embrace challenges and I am not afraid to take risks.  
F) I look at challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset and prefer to not see them as challenges but as a way to create long-term solutions.  

Question 2: Which terms best describe your style? 
A) Tough and bold 
B) Grounded and thoughtful 
C) Powerful and independent 
D) Elegant and subtle 
E) Daring and pure 
F) Luxurious and premium 
Question 3: What do you value most in your accessories? 
A) I value the strength that radiates from powerful accessories. I like it when they remind me that I am bold and can do anything. 
B) I value when my accessories carry a mindful message. I want my accessories to help me stay grounded and serve as a reminder to appreciate the person I got them from. 
C) I like it when my accessories show that I am strong, passionate, and my own muse. 
D) I want my accessories to embody elegance and fine craftsmanship. 
E) I like it when my accessories show my fearlessness and uniqueness! They have to make a unique statement and lasting impression. 
F) I value luxurious jewelry that is refined and carries its value for a lifetime. 
Question 4: How do you express your individuality? 
A) I express myself through bold and meaningful actions. I am not afraid to stand up for myself or somebody else.  
B) By staying true to myself and my mindful nature. I like to live in the ‘now’ and show appreciation for the world we live in.  
C) I express myself with powerful and independent choices. I follow my heart and go for what I want. 
D) I pay attention to details and express who I truly am with subtle yet perfectly thought-out actions or style choices. 
E) By embracing daring and spontaneous decisions. I am not afraid to take risks and just follow my guts. 
F) Through indulgencing myself and loved ones in luxurious and premium experiences. 
Question 5: Choose an activity for a weekend getaway: 
A) Paintballing, intense workout or outdoor adventure  
B) Yoga retreat, meditation workshop or leisurely nature walk 
C) Festival, art exhibition or solo exploration of a new city  
D) Fine dining experience at the best local restaurant in town or getting creative with D.I.Y. projects 
E) Skydiving, bungee jumping or spontaneous adventures 
F) Staying at a luxurious spa resort or high-end wellness retreat 
Question 6: How do you approach your personal goals? 
A) I set ambitious goals and work relentlessly to achieve them.  
B) I take a balanced and mindful approach, focusing on the journey as much as the destination.  
C) I pursue my goals with a strong and independent spirit, making my own path.  
D) I carefully plan and pay attention to every detail to reach my goals.  
E) I fearlessly embrace challenges and adapt my goals as I go along.  
F) I like to set long-term goals that have an impact for a lifetime and go above and beyond what is normal. I want nothing but the best and work hard to get there. 

Vergeet niet, deze quiz is gebaseerd op algemene kenmerken die bij onze collecties passen. Voel je vrij om te gaan voor elke collectie die je aanspreekt en geniet van het ontdekken van je match! 


Mostly A: You match with the "Ben" collection – tough, heroic, and powerful. You face challenges head-on and strive to conquer them by taking immediate action. You are not afraid to say what you want and stand up for others when you sense injustice. You want jewelry that is tough, bold, and expresses your strengths. You are heroic and radiate confidence. Our Ben collection is the perfect match for this! 
Mostly B: You resonate with the "Batul" collection – grounded, calm, spiritual, and mindful. You approach challenges with a calm and mindful attitude and live in the ‘now’. You value jewelry that carries a mindful message. The perfect match for you is: the Batul collection. It is our first design, which is steeped in meaning and history. This chain is originally drawn by our founder Batul Loomans, who was on a meditation journey in Southeast Asia where he wanted to experience the deeper meaning of life. During his meditation trip, he created a bracelet that kept him grounded and stands for the connection between two beings. This collection is the perfect match for you, as the story behind it is mindful and stands for creating your own path in life. 
Mostly C: Your style aligns with the "Nathalie" collection – powerful energy, strong, and independent. You follow your heart, and you are your own muse. You are strong and passion is what drives you. The Nathalie collection is the perfect match for you as it expresses your strong and fearless energy. When you wear a piece of the Nathalie collection, whether it’s around your wrist, in your ear, or around your finger, one statement will be very clear: you are fearless!  
Mostly D: You match with the "Katja" collection – subtle, elegant, with an eye for detail. You pay close attention to details and handle challenges consciously. You are patient and strive for perfection. You believe that beauty is in the details and appreciate good art and craftsmanship. Therefore, the beautiful, subtle Katja collection is perfect for you! 
Mostly E: You are best represented by the "Chain" collection – strong, fearless, and daring. You are connected with yourself and fearlessly embrace challenges. You are not afraid to take risks and make a statement! You are bold, pure, and spontaneous. You like bold jewelry and big statement pieces. Therefore, the Chain collection is your perfect match. 
Mostly F: Your heart belongs to the "Gold" collection – luxurious, premium, and refined. You never settle for anything but the best and like to live life the “premium” way. You often set ambitious long-term goals and go above and beyond to reach them. You like luxury and are sophisticated. You love to treat yourself to some quality time and premium products and experiences. Therefore, our gold collection is perfect for you! 
Remember, this quiz is based on general characteristics associated with our collections. Feel free to go for any collection that speaks to your heart and enjoy discovering your match! 

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