We craft premium handmade jewelry, designed in Amsterdam and sustainably created from recycled silver and gold in Southeast Asia.

At our headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, talented designers draw inspiration from the various milestones of life. Through the use of durable, high-quality materials sustainably produced in Southeast Asia, we aim for our jewelry to connect you to our planet, others, and yourself. We accompany you throughout your lifetime, becoming an enduring symbol of your journey.

Capturing the Evolving Stories of Creative Minds

We're building a collection of stories that celebrate life, offer guidance, and provide insights into the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of life. Nothing excited us more than capturing the stories of creatives, risk-takers, and rebels all around the world, who evolve throughout their lives. And we thought, to capture the stories of these creative minds, where better to go than to L.A.? 

Meet Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse is a close friend of the brand and a creative, talented actor from the USA. From his breakout role in “Desperate Housewives” to captivating performances on both the big and the small screen, Jesse Metcalfe has captured the hearts of many with his creativity and established himself as a versatile talent in the world of entertainment.


Amidst the complexities of a multifaceted life in film, TV, and business, Jesse embarks on a deeply personal journey to explore his path. We went to L.A. to interview Jesse to delve into his inspiring story. Follow our socials and newsletter to stay tuned and discover more about his journey towards his Rebirth.



Meet Jayden Bojsen

Jayden started his career at a very young age as a Disney star. The early fame came with many ups and downs, leading to some wrong decisions and challenges in life. But after some setbacks along the way, Jayden came to a turning point where he decided to follow his new passion as a DJ. 


Now, Jayden travels all around the world to make music. Jayden embodies passion, energy, and creativity, driven by a strong love for music and exceptional talent. His story captures the power of determination and self-discovery. Therefore, we are proud to call Jayden a close friend of our brand!




Meet Felice Poppeliers

Felice Poppeliers is a talented actress known for her roles in "Misfit: The Switch" (2022), "Bezorgd" (2022), and "Buenas Chicas" (2024). From her early days in the industry to her current successes, Felice's journey is a testament to her resilience and passion. We are very inspired by Felice's courage to follow her dreams, which led her to move to Los Angeles, USA, where she continues to inspire with her performances and relentless pursuit of her dreams. 



Meet Arjan van den Boom

Arjan is a true rebel with a heart. He became well known all around the world for his creative motor designs, which he crafts himself from scratch. Even though Arjan’s business was extremely successful, Arjan decided to slow down on building his custom cycles to take more time to focus on his personal growth.


Being a husband, father, influencer and custom bike builder comes with many challenges. We’re inspired by Arjan’s journey of self-discovery and are pleased to have him as a close friend. Keep an eye on our socials get inspired by this amazing story.



Meet Niels van den Heuvel

Niels is a talented dancer and creative soul. For years, Niels simply assumed that he would go into business, just as his father had. He supposed that in time, he would come upon an entrepreneurial pursuit that captivated his attention. In time, though, his dream changed. Getting in contact with dancing and joining a dance group changed it all. Niels recognized immediately what had happened: he had found his calling in life, the thing that he enjoyed doing more than anything, the thing that made him feel alive.


Leaving the Netherlands behind, moving to the USA, and missing his family and close friends in a different culture came with highs and lows. Throughout his career, Niels has remained steadfast about his principles that relies on to achieve success: hard work, focus, and determination. We are very much inspired by his ability to motivate others and keep them working toward their goals.




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