Buddha to Buddha Wrapped 2023

Date: 22-12-2023
Estimated reading time: 4min

A year to remember!

The year 2023 is almost coming to an end, which means that it is time for another Buddha to Buddha Wrapped. It was a beautiful year in which we celebrated New Beginnings, launched two powerful new collections, unlocked infinite possibilities by making jewelry combinations that are even Better Together, and embraced the joy of giving with a genuine presence with Present Moments. But 2023 was not just a special year for us, it was also a year in which YOU reached important milestones that you celebrated with a piece of jewelry. 

In Buddha to Buddha Wrapped 2023, we want to reflect on this year and take the time to appreciate the jewelry pieces that you bought that now carry the beautiful memories of 2023 with them.  Whatever the milestones or the stories are behind the jewelry you bought, we are grateful to have been part of your year. To celebrate all the milestones we reached and the connections we created this year, we summarised the year by listing your top favorite jewelry pieces of 2023.

Most popular categories!

We want to thank you for every purchase you made in 2023 and for all the wonderful stories we got to be a part of. We hope to make many more connections and memories with you again in 2024.   

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