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Date: 19-01-2024
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Jewellery Trends 2024

The jewellery that you wear is more than just an accessory; it reflects your personality, passions, and style. While sentimental jewellery will always hold the most valuable personal worth, it's also exhilarating to incorporate the latest trends into your collection now and then. If you want to highlight your unique style this year with standout pieces that align with 2024's trends, we are here to assist you!

At Buddha to Buddha, we believe the most important thing is that your jewellery mirrors your personality and that you wear your jewellery with joy. That's why we want to inspire you to find a balance between your personal style and the latest trends, ensuring you shine in a way that truly suits YOU in 2024. For those who embrace innovation and want to stay on-trend, we've curated a selection of the most notable jewellery trends of 2024, inspired by the famous '24 catwalks and red carpets from the past months.

1. Multi-row rings


Creatively playing around with ring combinations has been popular for quite some time, but 2024 takes it to a new level by truly embracing multi-rings! This year's motto is decidedly "more is more"! We've embraced wearing rings that make it even easier to find the perfect combinations through pre-created stacks. These give the illusion of multiple rings but are in fact one multi-ring. Join the 2024 trend and turn your fingers into an ultimate party by combining various multi-rings!

2. Mismatched earrings


Sometimes the perfect look is achieved by embracing the imperfect match! The era of twinning-is-winning is over, and the time for creative combinations has begun. This 2024 trend, seen on the runways of Schiaparelli, Fendi, and Valentino, perfectly complements our single-piece collections! From creative ear-parties with different small earrings to striking combinations with a large earring in one ear and a completely different large earring in the other, anything goes this year! We challenge you to be bold and find perfection in imperfections.

3. Link Jewellery


Link jewellery is truly dominating the jewellery trends of 2024! From the streets of big cities like New York, London, Amsterdam, and Paris to the 2024 fashion show catwalks, this trend is everywhere. This timeless style will not only be a hit in 2024 but has been deep in our brand's heart for many years already, as all our pieces are based on beautiful link designs. In 2024, the trend clearly states: the bigger, the better. Get ready to add a statement to your outfit with our bold and daring links!

Zegel en pinkringen | Buddha to BuddhaZegel en pinkringen | Buddha to Buddha

4. Shiny Silver


One thing was clear during the spring/summer presentations in recent months on catwalks worldwide - silver is making a comeback! The big question in jewellery trends is, "Is silver or gold more on-trend this year?". It seems that shiny silver is the answer this year! While gold is still widely seen and always a good choice, more and more celebrities and models are spotted with striking silver statements. For example, at The Golden Globes 2024 in Beverly Hills, celebrities like America Ferrera, Natalie Portman, and Elizabeth Debicki stole the show in silver. The silver trend, which has been fashionable in both clothing and jewellery for some time, is likely to continue shining for a long time! So, treat yourself to one of our stunning silver jewellery pieces to shine not only this year but for the rest of your life.

Choker | Buddha to BuddhaChoker | Buddha to Buddha

5. Spiritual Jewellery


In 2024, we want more jewellery that is not only beautiful accessories but also supports us during different moments in our lives. We increasingly want jewellery with spiritual values. Bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, or necklaces with gemstones that possess special powers are therefore extra popular this year because of the deeper meaning they carry. Discover, for example, our Spirit Bead bracelets made from gemstone beads, each with its own powers. Or be inspired by our bracelets and rings with Onyx or Tiger Eye, each with their own special properties.

6. Layers on layers


Get ready to dazzle with stacked styles because the layered jewellery look is back on this year. Think of long, layered necklaces that make a striking statement - a trend seen on the 2024 catwalks of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry, and also reflected in our collection! With us, less is never more! We believe in the power of connection and creating standout looks by combining lots of jewellery or wearing multi-pieces. We invite you to elevate your style by multiplying the power of your favorite jewellery!

Gepersonaliseerde sieraden Buddha to BuddhaGepersonaliseerde sieraden Buddha to Buddha

7. Genderfluid jewellery


Genderfluid and unisex jewellery are rewriting the rules of self-expression in 2024! Genderfluid jewellery embraces the social shift of self-expression without judgment, without labels. The time of gender norms is over! We challenge you to create a look that truly fits you, regardless of gender. Therefore, all our jewellery is unisex! Be free to be who you want to be and tell your story with our jewellery.


Regardless of the year's trends, at Buddha to Buddha, we believe in jewellery that reflects your personality. So be yourself and choose what you want. With our jewellery, you're not just trendy; you have a piece for life. Our handcrafted jewellery, created with passion and craftsmanship, offers quality that lasts a lifetime and shows your unique story. 

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