A jewellery’s perspective on thoughtful giving.


A Gift with Meaning. 

As the festive season approaches, we invite you to embrace the magic of "Present Moments". Not just a campaign, but a glimpse into the soul of our jewellery as it witnesses the art of thoughtful giving.

It's that special moment when you embark on a journey to find the perfect gift, when you unwrap a cherished surprise, and when you try on your new piece of Buddha to Buddha jewellery for the very first time.

Journey with us from the POV of our jewellery, where each piece becomes a silent storyteller. Explore our collections and discover how "Present Moments" captures the essence of the festive season - a time when connections are beautifully expressed through the art of gifting.

Join us in creating memories that will last a lifetime. Where every piece of Buddha to Buddha becomes a symbol of love, connection, and thoughtful giving.


The campaign highlights three specific "Points of Views" (POVs) that capture the essence of "Present Moments":

POV: what your jewellery sees when you’re searching for the perfect gift 

Before you set out to find that one extraordinary gift, our jewellery quietly observes the anticipation in your eyes. It senses the excitement as you contemplate the ideal piece to express your love and appreciation. Each thoughtful consideration and spark of inspiration brings you closer to finding the perfect gift. 

POV: what your jewellry sees when you're opening the perfect gift. 

The moment has arrived. Our jewellery silently waiting for the unveiling of its destined purpose. As you unwrap the gift, a spark of curiosity dances in your eyes.

POV: what your jewellery sees when you try it on for the first time

As you gently fasten the necklace around your neck or secure the bracelet around your wrist, our jewellery senses your excitement. It feels the warmth of your touch and the connection between you and the piece. Together, you embark on a journey of self-expression and adornment.

"Embrace the joy of giving with genuine presence. Let the gifts we exchange truly reflect the connection we have with each other. Because when we give with presence, we create unforgettable memories."

Join the POV Challenge!

This holiday season, we invite YOU to witness personal moments through the eyes of our jewellery! Travel with us from the POV (point of view) of a meaningful gift being unwrapped. Create memories with us that will last a lifetime. 
Take part in the POV Challenge. Show what YOUR perfect gift sees when you open it! Use #POVChallenge and #BuddhatoBuddha and post your video on TikTok, Reels or YouTube! Tag @officialbudddhatobuddha so we can share your video with the Buddha to Buddha community!

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