10 Reasons Why Buddha to Buddha Loves Bali


Date: 10-10-2023
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Why we love Bali (and you should too)!

Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods, is not just one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but it is also a place with which we, from Buddha to Buddha, feel a deeper connection. Besides the fact that much of our jewelry is handmade on this beautiful island, there are of course many other reasons why we love Bali! From the diverse landscape to the rich culture, here are 10 reasons why our brand is so closely connected to this beautiful Indonesian island.

1. Crafted Perfection and Passion

Buddha to Buddha is inextricably linked to Bali. Our iconic silver, gold, and leather bands are hand-woven by the finest Balinese artisans. It is incredibly special to see the skilled goldsmiths in Bali put 100% passion and skills into their work. These craftsmen have a passion and skill that is unmatched, making each piece of jewelry they create a true work of art in itself.


2. The People

If you've ever been to Bali, you've probably noticed that the people are incredibly friendly, passionate and have a wonderful perspective on life. This ethos fits our brand perfectly. We are proud to say that we are inspired as a brand, by the people who call this island their home.


3. Traditional Techniques

Bali is known for its centuries-old traditional silver and leather weaving techniques. These traditional Asian weaving techniques are at the heart of our designs and allow us to create jewelry that is both timeless and modern.


4. Spirituality

The spirituality found in Bali, from temples to daily rituals, inspires our own view of the deeper meaning of life. It helps us focus on what really matters and gives our products an extra layer of meaning. We want our brand and products to inspire people to embrace life, be mindful, and not shy away from connections and self-development.


5. Adventure Activities

Bali is the perfect place for adventurers and risk-takers. Whether you want to surf, dive, or climb a volcano, Bali has it all. And that fits perfectly with the adventurous spirit of our brand. We are here for the risk-takers with a heart!


6. Island-Life Lifestyle

Like the Balinese, we embrace life and its contradictions.  We set ourselves apart from the fast-paced, always-but-working life and the so-many-impulses-I-don't-see-through-the-trees-the-bunch-life. We take a more mindful approach and live in the NOW, something that Bali's laid-back island life expresses so well.


7. Nature

That Bali has beautiful nature is well known and one of the reasons why many beach and nature lovers consider Bali an ideal travel destination. At Buddha to Buddha, we love all the Balinese flora and fauna and take inspiration from them as well. For example, the design of our George Limited is inspired by woven banana leaves, and we also increasingly incorporate the pattern of sawa rice-fields into our expressions. From above, these terraced rice fields also bear a resemblance to the patterns we see in agriculture in our own country. This is why they have inspired the packaging of our Buddha to Buddha logo socks and will continue to inspire us in the future....


8. Connection

Connection is a central theme in Balinese culture and also at Buddha to Buddha. Whether it is the connection between people or the connection to our earth, it is something we cherish and love to express in our work.


9. Positivity and celebration of life

The positive energy you feel around you when you are in Bali inspires us to also look at life in the moment and the future with a positive outlook. We believe that everything in life should be celebrated. Every milestone in life is worth celebrating. Our products mark moments in life. Each piece of jewelry represents a stage of life in which you got it. The local Balinese people also celebrate life, exuding a strength that we like to take and convey in every piece of jewelry we make.


10. Rich Culture

Bali is full of beautiful culture, from traditional dances to delicious food. As a brand, we want to inspire people to go out into the world and embrace the unknown. Bali is the perfect place to do this, as the relatively small island boards is full of cultures and beautiful nature that should be discovered by you! Embrace the unknown and let life surprise you!


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