Explore the unique story of "The Batul," a special piece of jewelry named after our founder. Join us as Batul shares his story and the meaning behind this very special jewel. Dive into Batul's story and explore the world of "The Batul" together!

"The Batul" is not just a piece of jewelry; it is an embodiment of my personal journey, captured in silver and crafted into a powerful link bracelet. The inspiration for this iconic creation arose during my meditation journey, a quest for enlightenment that led to a life-changing experience so called "Rebirth." I wanted to commemorate this milestone in my life, and thus "The Batul" was born.

The open links of the bracelet narrate the story of connection – with yourself, with others, and with the world around us. Each link is thoughtfully designed, symbolizing the deep connections we forge during our life's journey. The design had to be not only aesthetic but also heavy to keep me grounded during my meditation journey. That’s why, the bracelet is big and heavy. 
Over the years, "The Batul collection" has expanded, not only with silver but also with golden jewelry. This expansion reflects the timeless allure of the Batul link, symbolizing the ongoing evolution of my personal journey and the brand itself. Each piece within the collection carries not only craftsmanship but also my personal philosophy and the quest for inner peace.

"For me, "The Batul" is more than just jewelry; it is a reminder of a milestone in my life and an invitation for others to embrace their own journey of self-discovery and connection. I hope this collection, with its meaningful open links, serves as a symbol of strength, connection, and inner growth for those who wear it."
Batul Loomans – Founder Buddha to Buddha

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