We are honored to personally tell you about some awesome things happening;
Over the past year we have been quietly working on a major change, which will now be visible to everyone. We are proud to take you on our journey – a journey that has led us to a significant re-branding. 
We're calling it, our Rebirth.

Our jewelry is not just a purchase; it is a celebration of life's moments. Intended to be gifted, our products carry a unique story, serving as a timeless reminder for special moments. Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, our headquarters are the center of creativity, where talented designers draw inspiration from life's milestones. These ideas birth the unique jewelry that represents the essence of our brand.
Using sustainable, high-quality materials, our jewelry is crafted to accompany you through your life, becoming a lasting symbol of your journey. We are building a collection of stories that celebrate life, offering guidance and insights into all the parts of life - both beautiful and challenging.
Our mission is simple but clear: to build a collection of stories that not only celebrate life but also guide you through its diverse milestones. With each piece of jewelry, we ensure that you carry a piece of your unique story with you. 
This, my friends, is the essence of our being.

The new hero logo

We changed our strong and unique logo. We decided to use our word mark logo as our hero logo which looks more aesthetic. The logo is a vital part of our brand as it serves as a visual representation. Since our communication is mainly driven by visuals, having a strong and clean graphic representation is crucial.

A unique Buddha to Buddha pattern

We also added a brand color; green! Green represents balance, nature, spring, and rebirth. It complements our primary colors of bold white and black. And next to our new font we also are very proud to show our unique Buddha to Buddha pattern. As part of our brand's rebirth, we've incorporated a sophisticated pattern based of the letter "B" and consists of layered woven strands which can be interpreted as woven links in a chain.

New product segments

Finally, we're excited to introduce three new kind of jewelry product segments. Say hello to our "Refined Rebels," "Bold Icons," and "Luxury" segments. Each with its own style, and we hope you will love them.

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