Breaking Barriers

-This universe means together-. An original Buddha to Buddha quote, describing the brand’s believe that we are together on this beautiful planet and that we should care for one another. No matter race, religion, gender, age or sexuality; we are all human. We are one.

Breaking Barriers

Buddha to Buddha has partnered with charity foundation Sterk & Positief for a special collection of Denise cord bracelets. The cords are available in black, green and blue and come with a design addition of three sterling silver brain wave pieces.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the foundation for brain cancer research. Sterk & Positief is supported by the Hersenstichting, which advises and supervises the foundation in The Netherlands.

Will you join our fight against brain cancer?


About Sterk & Positief

The Sterk & Positief Foundation started in the beginning of 2019 to raise money to enable research of brain tumors by applying local therapy. Local means that they want to bypass the blood-brain barrier in order to get the chemo directly to the tumor. The Hersenstichting advises and supports the foundation and will supervise the research on brain tumors.

Despite neurosurgery, radiation and chemotherapy, we still cannot cure malignant brain tumors. Support us to fund this research and to find a solution to cure brain tumors.


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