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La Fuente



La Fuente, real name Job Smeltzer, received his first Buddha to Buddha bracelet after he passed his HAVO exam. A reminder in silver that he carries with him forever. A tradition was born and at every memorable moment in his life a Buddha to Buddha piece was added.

Just like everyone else in this world, the jewellery from Buddha to Buddha is unique, each with its own story. As La Fuente says: “When I hear and see my Buddha to Buddha jewellery, it is a moment for me to reflect on all the beautiful things that are happening in my life and what I have experienced so far. Beautiful moments, but also sad moments. Behind every unique bracelet or ring is a story with which I embrace life and the people in it. In Buddha to Buddha I have found a worthy partner. The story behind this brand gives me inspiration every day to be the best version of myself. Everything comes to an end, but memories always remain. ”

"Real life Connection" competition
Buddha to Buddha and La Fuente allow everyone to make a beautiful memory and therefore call on all their fans to share with them what they have always wanted to do in their lives. For the winner, his or her dream comes true, and to complete the experience La Fuente goes along. "Nothing is too crazy, but I have to think twice if someone wants to skydive", he jokes.

The campaign is now live via the Facebook and Instagram account of Buddha to Buddha and Facebook and Instagram account of DJ La Fuente. Make sure to check out the video below and leave a comment! 

Real Life Connection - Buddha to Buddha - La Fuente 


Here at Buddha to Buddha, we’d like to say that we’re not just a jewellery brand. It’s a lifestyle. A style that embraces life. That embraces the contradictions in life. Buddha to Buddha is pure in its extremes. No blending. No compromises. 100% passion and pride. A lifestyle also reflects an individual's attitude, way of life, values, or world view. Buddha to Buddha and La Fuente found each other many years ago when La Fuente received his first Buddha to Buddha bracelet to create a memory of high school graduation. Up to the present day he collected over more than 1,5 kg of memories around both of his wrists and fingers. All memories cast in Buddha to Buddha 925 sterling silver. 

Job Smeltzer goes by the artist name of La Fuente and is born and raised in The Netherlands. He’s one of the well known electric music DJ’s and people in almost every global territory like Europe, US, Asia and South America know him from his energetic performances. It goes without saying that his life is hectic, it’s fast and he always keeps on going. The sound of his bracelets jingling against each other is: 

“A moment of reflecting on all the great things that are happening around me and what I have been through in my life. Good or bad, every unique piece of my Buddha to Buddha jewellery has its own story behind it. Enjoy life and embrace connections. That’s what I have found in Buddha to Buddha. A memorable partner in doing beautiful things. The amazing story behind this brand gives me inspiration to do what I do best. At the end, things end but memories last forever.” – La Fuente