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About us

The brand is inspired by the Buddha to Buddha way of life; the philosophy of both living consciously and fulfilling the possibilities of enjoyment, making the most of each day in an easy-going and natural manner. It’s an Eastern, almost spiritual approach. Far from being dreamy however, it hopefully inspires people to take responsibility for their actions as well.


Within our organization friendship and teamwork are things that give meaning to our daily work. The collaborations we've created with our craftsmen in Indonesia, the relationships we've developed with our customers worldwide and the friendship we've built with our Buddha to Buddha fans. We are passionate about every aspect of our organization.

Buddha to Buddha has become renowned for its bold unisex 925 sterling silver bracelets. Made by hand; every piece is unique, each piece has a soul.
These outstanding silver masterpieces are all designed in Amsterdam by a skillful and creative team. The people who create them are amongst the finest traditional craftsmen in the world. The timelessness of the designs and the nature of the material alongside the high quality of the make, all ensure Buddha to Buddha jewellery is treasured for life.
In recent years Buddha to Buddha has started to branch out into new exciting areas: A jewellery line consisting of miniature versions of the standard chunky range, genuine leather bags and accessories and a clothing line for both men and women.  

After these developments, the next logical step for the Buddha team was to design a range of watches in keeping with the Buddha philosophy; clean, powerful designs crafted from durable and luxurious materials with unique features that place them in a league of their own

Buddha to Buddha continues to be innovative and expand both their range and vision. Growing substantially on a daily basis, Buddha to Buddha's foundations are based on a strong home market and expanding distribution network to 18 countries worldwide. Worn by many international celebrities and with a strong standing with the fashion conscious, it’s a key brand to watch.


Batul Loomans

Batul Loomans, founder, CEO and designer of 'Buddha to Buddha' established his company in 1997, inspired by his extensive travels to Asia and his quest for mindfulness. Popularity of his solid, sterling silver, handcrafted jewellery turned it into a serious business very quickly to the point where, together with his business associates, he now oversees an internationally renowned jewellery, apparel and accessory business.

Meditation is Batul's greatest passion. He learned that silence, love and consciousness allow you live your life to the fullest. All these three things are reflected in meditation. "As a person you have to create your own story. You need to broaden your horizon, visit places you thought you'd never see. Be curious and explore, not only focus on things that are familiar and safe. Creativity is not only in your head; it's in your soul, in your toes as are quietness and calmness."