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Our hands. Magic tools we have been given. Flexible, precise, sensitive, and above all, capable to create what springs up in our imagination. What a gift! The Buddha to Buddha craftsmen use their hands to make our beautiful jewellery. Piece by piece. A long and detailed process, using knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation. In co-­operation with our designers, developers and wax carvers, the silversmiths create the ultimate handmade piece of silver jewellery. How do all links fit together? 


Does it fit perfectly arounda wrist or a finger? Are there any rough edges? How does the lock work at its best? Where does the piece need some more oxidation? The craftman’s eye for detail is exquisite, and his quality superb. Our jewellery takes up to 3 days to be created by hand, and only after it has been inspected thoroughly and labeled as “perfect”, will it be brought to market. One of a kind, especially made for you. 

Handmade in Bali.

Bali, the place where all Buddhas are born.

It takes at least 72 man hours, before they are ready to be worn.


It’s here, that the finest silversmiths on earth,

combine their skills to give every Buddha it’s birth.


Collecting one of the world’s highest quality minerals is where it all starts,

solid 925 sterling silver is what we use to create all parts.


The core is made in different sections,

forming a chain out of unconventional connections.


While shaping the chain into the requested design,

the craftsman will use all his expertise to give the Buddha it’s shine.


By attaching the chain to the lock the Buddha is given it’s soul,

and is submitted to one final quality control.


Everything we design, everything we create and everything we do,

is one of a kind and handmade for you.


Buddha to Buddha

We Create with our hands in Bali.

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