How we celebrated our 25 years of BTB!! 


Date: 13-01-2023
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Silver Anniversary!

In 2022 we celebrated our silver anniversary! 25 years of creating meaningful connections through jewellery. It was a year in which we took the time to appreciate what we have established and also felt inspired to create something new. Therefore, we created four campaigns with four limited-edition collections based on the successful Buddha to Buddha families that you have come to love. To reflect on this beautiful year, we have summarized all the ways in which we celebrated our 25th birthday for you in this article.

Four Limited Edition collections.

1. Time TO Celebrate: Batul & Katja


For 25 years, we’ve crafted pieces that embrace life and its cherished moments.

This year we celebrate those years of braving the storm called life. We call attention to the ups and downs of the past. We learned how to deal with the wind, turned challenges into opportunities and found calm amidst the chaos of life. Our jewellery was there as an anchor. They kept us grounded at all times, and they still do, while providing strength and support.

Our jewellery also connected us, with ourselves and the place we call home. Our roots!

During this campaign, we honoured our roots and paid tribute to our big five tribe members that made us who we are today: The Batul, Edwin, Nathalie, Ben and Chain. From bold to refined and from silver to gold. They were there to keep us grounded.

Honouring our roots, we have been inspired by the four elements of nature that form the foundation of the physical world. Our jewellery stands for our spiritual being. Because like our jewellery, a strong soul shines after every storm.

Batul Limited

The Batul Limited Edition items honour our first member of the tribe. This Family is named after our founder Batul Loomans himself. Back in 1997, he was on a meditation journey in Southeast Asia where he wanted to experience the deeper meaning of life. He started drawing a chain that stands for the connection between two beings. It had to be heavy, to keep him grounded in this life. Together with a local silversmith, he brought the sketch to life: the brand and its first bracelet were born. This limited-edition bracelet is a playful take on the original silver one. With recognizable sturdy links, made of 925 sterling silver, and finished with black onyx stones.


Katja Limiteds

The Katja limited bracelet, ring and pendant are a beautiful combination of silver, black and gold. The link is the famous braided Katja design with a 14-karat gold logo on top with spinel stones as a real eye-catcher. Get yours quickly, before these Limited Edition items run out of stock.

2. Time TO Reflect: Ellen & George


With our next campaign, we took the time to reflect on the memories that our jewellery holds. The jewellery that we wear reflects who we are. A connection with the past and a meaning for the present. The new collection that was launched during this campaign consists of limited-edition items that can provide wonderful new memories.


So take a breath, and take time to reflect. Make sure you stay grounded, keep embracing your values and create meaningful connections. Embrace life.


Cherish it. Celebrate it. Craft memories.

Forever. Together.

Ellen Limiteds

The Ellen collection is a refined link family and one of our best-selling collections. During the second quarter of our 25th anniversary year, we released an Ellen Limited collection. Items that are inspired by the Ellen link, but with a limited finish. 925 sterling silver jewellery with 14-karat gold details and spinel stones. The spinel stone is also called the ‘stone of immortality’ because it is renewing and rejuvenating. The stone gives strength and courage and provides a connection to the earth.

George Limiteds

Additionally, we created George Limited edition items. The George Limited includes jewellery with bronze elements based on the weaving of banana leaves in Bali. In Bali, they make umbrellas, and hats but especially many baskets and small sacrificial baskets out of large Banana leaves.  Into the sacrificial baskets, Hindus put rice, biscuits and flowers for the gods. They place these on the street in front of the entrance to their house, shop or restaurant to scare away demons. If you've ever been to Bali you've probably seen them everywhere! In the limited George jewellery, you can see this weaving on the strap, and this is further emphasised by the rose bronze colour. The George family's subtle jewellery looks great on everyone, designed for both women and men.

3. Time TO Connect: Edwin & Esther


With all our doings, our jewellery and our brand we inspire you to create meaningful connections with the earth, people and most importantly with yourself.

With the third campaign of this year, we wanted to emphasise this. This campaign aimed to encourage you to take the time to connect with your inner self and find your grounding. Don't be afraid to reach out and create strong, meaningful connections with others. Connect with the world around you. Give a f*ck. Care.

Be true to yourself. Be out there, be outspoken. Be outrageous. Dance, chill, scream, cry, crave, hate, dress or undress whenever you feel like it.

Be bold and embrace your unique identity. Reach out. Make meaningful connections with others and together try to give a fuck.

Embrace yourself. Embrace the people you love. Embrace life. 

Edwin Limiteds

The Edwin collection is a favourite among Buddha to Buddha fans, and we are continuing to innovate and expand the line with the addition of the Edwin Limited Bracelet Leather Black. This collection is characterized by its tough, rugged aesthetic, with moving links that add a playful touch. The bracelet is handcrafted from premium leather and features the classic, enduring sterling silver Buddha to Buddha clasp that you have come to love.

Esther Limiteds

The Esther bracelet is one of the best-known bracelets from the Heritage collection based on the Esther link. This limited collection consists of a ring and a bracelet that not only incorporates the gold accent but also uses various Spinel stones. Spinel is a gemstone that gives courage, self-confidence and perseverance with the added addition of a better connection to earth energy. We have chosen black Spinel stones because they represent class and elegance.

Additionally, the Esther Limited Edition collection includes an Esther double mini Limited Bracelet silver gold 14kt with a matching ring - the Esther double mini Limited ring silver gold 14kt. The names of the jewellery hint already to what makes these pieces unique- there is a subtle yet beautiful gold logo plate incorporated on the jewellery.

4. Time TO Shine: Ben & Nathalie


Tijdens de feest dagen was het tijd om te shinen! Afgelopen feestdagen omarmende we het leven. Geen feest te wild. Geen muziek te hard. Geen schittering te fel. Geen outfit te gek. Nooit te veel sieraden.

Wat jou mooi maakt, komt van binnenuit. Wij dagen je uit om je looks, je creativiteit, je zelfvertrouwen en je passie uit te stralen door het dragen van onze sieraden.

Jouw kracht straalt van binnenuit. Laat het zien met je sieraden.

Wij zijn ervoor wie een risico durft nemen. Voor degene met een passie en creativiteit. De wereld ligt aan je voeten. Omarm het. Het is jouw tijd om te stralen.

Bij het omdoen van onze sieraden maak je je niet alleen klaar voor een avondje uit. Het is een betekenisvol moment om stil te staan bij je innerlijke kracht die je uitstraalt. Onze sieraden zijn niet alleen een cadeau voor de feestdagen, maar een cadeau voor altijd.

Ben Limiteds

The iconic Ben family is temporarily extended with limited items that highlight the popular Ben link. The Ben family has released a limited edition collection featuring new items with the iconic Ben branding. The standout piece of the collection is the 925-sterling silver choker with a 14-carat logo plate. This piece is perfect for adding a lasting impression to your holiday outfits. Each item in the collection is numbered, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to your wardrobe. Additionally, the Ben Limiteds include a ring, pendant and two bracelets that emphasize the powerful Ben Link and have a shiny golden logo plate as their finishing touch.

Nathalie Limiteds

During this campaign, we also launched stunning Nathalie Limiteds, which are a bit finer, more elegant and have more emphasis on the details, with their gold elements and sparkle of black spinel stones. Spinel exudes elegance and inspires courage, confidence and perseverance. This collection is an essential for anyone who wants to add a touch of sparkle to their life.

Beats TO Beach.


Family TO Friends, Laughter TO Lust, Amsterdam TO Bali, Embrace TO Connect, Craftsmanship TO Economics, Music TO Silence, Silver TO Gold, Success TO Failure, Walking TO Talking, Dressed up TO Messed up, Laughing TO Worrying, Jumping TO Shouting, Unknown TO Know it all, Starting TO Ending, Rush TO Connect.

Celebrate TO Where Are Them F*cking Chandeliers So We Could Swing In Them!



No anniversary is complete without one hell of party, right? Therefore, we organised the brand event of the year: Beats to Beach. The party took place during a hot summer weekend at Beachclub Later aan Zee Bloemendaal! On Saturday the party was open to all Buddha to Buddha fans and performances of La Fuente, Erick E, Ramon Rivé, The Ones That Got Away and Zack Grasso took place! On Sunday, the party continued for close friends of the brand.

25 Years Limited Edition Canvas Bag.


In honour of our silver anniversary, we also created a special edition canvas bag. This limited edition bag is made from durable canvas, which is produced with care for the environment. It’s made of recycled cotton and R-RET (Global Recyled Standard certified). The bag features our logo on the front and has a spacious main compartment. Additionally, there is a smaller pocket on the front. This anniversary canvas bag was designed to be the perfect accessory for any Buddha to Buddha fan who likes to carry their daily essentials with them in style!

Bedankt dat je al 25 jaar bij ons bent. We hopen in de komende jaren nog vele verbindingen en herinneringen met je te maken!

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