Our story

Buddha to Buddha is pure in its extremes. No blending. No compromises. 100% passion and pride.

Buddha to Buddha

Where it all began...

Our story begins in 1997. In search of the deeper meaning in life, our founder Batul Loomans decided to take a meditation journey through Southeast Asia. There, he started sketching a bracelet. The links of the bracelet represented the connection between two beings and the bracelet had to be heavy, to keep him grounded in this life. Together with a local silversmith, he brought those sketches to life; Buddha to Buddha and our first bracelet were born.

Ever since, we create our 925-sterling silver and 14-carat gold masterpieces with the best craftsmen we can find. We pride ourselves that each piece of jewellery is made by hand. Therefore, every piece is unique, and each piece has a soul.



In life there are things so refined, you would hardly believe it’s made by mankind. Craftsmanship is at the core of our premium jewellery. It takes at least 72-man hours for our pieces are ready to be worn.

A chain forms the base for every design. The core is made of different sections forming a chain out of unconventional connections. While shaping the chain, the craftsman will use all their expertise to give the Buddha its shine. By attaching the chain to the lock, the Buddha is given its soul. Everything we design, everything we create and everything we do is one of a kind handmade for you.


We are the original chainmakers.

With all our doings, our jewellery and our brand we inspire you to create meaningful connections with the earth, people, and most importantly with yourself.

Get in touch with the inner you. Reach out. Forge strong and meaningful connections with others. Connect with the rest of the world. Give a f*ck. Care.

Our jewellery is not about labels, it’s about that special piece that expresses your unique style. Our jewellery is genderless, raceless and ageless. We just craft beautiful pieces, you make it a jewel.

Embrace yourself. Embrace the people you love. Embrace life.


Designed in Amsterdam, handcrafted on Bali.

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