In 1990, our founder Batul Loomans traveled to India in search of enlightenment. At the end of his life-changing trip, he had a heavy bracelet made to remind himself to forever stay grounded mentally and physically. It worked.

What Batul experienced back then is called "Rebirth," an essential belief of Buddhism. It’s the idea that a person is spiritually reborn throughout their life. Despite its origins in Buddhism, the idea of rebirth is not inherently spiritual. Everyone, even your stubborn uncle who is not at all spiritual, goes through different life phases. And every step of the way, his character and behavior evolved.

So, rebirth is part of the continuous process of change. In fact, we are not only reborn at the time of death, but born and reborn during different milestones in life. We believe you should celebrate them all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Each phase holds incredible value in shaping who you are.

Our jewelry marks moments in your life. That’s why they are more than just a purchase; they’re meant to be gifted. Whether it’s a gift to someone else or even to yourself, our products carry a unique story and are meant to commemorate special moments.

At our headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, talented designers draw inspiration from the various milestones of life, giving birth to the ideas behind our unique designs. Through the use of sustainable, high-quality materials sustainably produced in Southeast Asia, we aim for our jewelry to accompany you throughout your lifetime, becoming an enduring symbol of your journey.

We're building a collection of stories that celebrate life, offer guidance, and provide insights into the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of life. Our stories have the power to guide you through life's milestones, ensuring that you always carry a piece of your story with you.


"This is our reason of being"

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