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Bracelets size

Our bracelets are available in different sizes. Each size corresponds to a corresponding circumference of your wrist:
C = 16 centimeters
C + = 17 centimeters
D = 18 centimeters
E = 19 centimeters
F = 21 centimeters

Measure your wrist circumference with a measuring tape or a string, that you place on a ruler afterwards. This way you know exactly which size is suitable for you. It is important to know that most standard silver bracelets are available in size E and F. However, we also have an extensive XS collection which consists of sizes C, D and E. These bracelets are recognizable by the addition "XS" in the name. The leather bracelets consist of sizes D, E and F. This wide range of sizes ensures that there is always a suitable size for you. Our bracelets are unisex, which means that all bracelets can be worn by both women and men. So looking for a bracelet for men or bracelets for women in silver? Or a leather bracelet for men or women? At Buddha to Buddha you will always find a piece that suits you!


Bangle bracelets size

Ring size

The best way to determine your ring size is with a ring that fits well around your finger. You measure the inside of the ring diagonally in millimeters. It is important that you do this accurately. For larger rings it is wise to take a slightly larger size, for rings with a stone you can simply order your normal ring size. Our ring sizes are in millimeters.

Cloting size



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