Our story began in 1997 when our founder Batul sketched a bracelet that symbolized connection. It stood for the bond between him and the earth, and all beings on it. The bracelet had to be heavy to keep him grounded and connected to our planet. Together with a local silversmith, he brought those sketches to life, and our brand was born.


Thus, our earth is inseparably connected to the creation of our brand. Our connection to our planet is still at the heart of everything we do. We treat Mother Earth and its people with integrity. We are pure in our extremes. We make our jewelry with passion, love, and care. We believe in crafting not only timeless pieces that last a lifetime but also in creating a better world.

100% Recycled silver and gold

Because we believe that it is important to reuse the materials that our planet gives to us, we create our jewelry from recycled precious metals. We have been doing so for many years and from 2024 onwards all jewelry produced will be made from 100% recycled silver. All items that are handmade in Bali are made from 100% locally sourced recycled silver.

80% Of our manufacturers is RJC Member

80% of our jewelry is produced by manufacturers who are members of The Responsible Jewellery Council. In 2024 we will start applying for an RJC membership with Buddha to Buddha B.V. and by 2025 we aim to source 90% of our jewelry from suppliers approved by the RJC. The Responsible Jewellery Council is the leading standards authority in the global watch and jewelry industry and works with members worldwide to create a sustainable supply chain.

70% Certified recycled silver and gold

On average, 70% of all jewelry we produce in 2024 will be made from certified recycled silver. We aim to use certified recycled silver for 90% of our jewelry by 2025.

All of our direct suppliers produce all jewelry from 100% certified recycled silver and gold. Our local Balinese silversmiths use 75% certified recycled silver, mixed with 25% local recycled silver that is not certified (due to supply chain restrictions), but is recycled locally. 

The origin of the certified recycled silver is verified by the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) using a Chain of Custody (CoC) transfer document when the precious metals are purchased by the manufacturer.



"We produce at a carbon-neutral (net zero) factory in Thailand."


Our commitment to Mother Earth is taking a new form – biodegradable packaging. From now on we are switching to 100% biodegradable jewelry boxes for the packaging of our pieces.

This new packing will be made out of bio-foam. Crafted from the earth's own ingredients like (potato) starch, cellulose fibers, and biological binding material. This not only boasts a carbon footprint reduction of up to 90% but also joins the cycle of life with ease, being 100% biodegradable. With its low thirst for water and energy, alongside the ability to be composted both at home and industrially, our new packaging stands as a beacon of eco-innovation. It's non-toxic, bio-based, and a declaration of our love for our planet.

To prevent waste, we are using up our old packaging materials that were still in stock first. Therefore, you may receive old packaging in the first half of 2024.

The sleeves of the packaging are made from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified paper, which is paper made of responsibly sourced wood fiber. From 2024 on, we produce all our paper productions on responsibly sourced paper.

But our eco-conscious journey doesn't stop there. We are also switching to biodegradable poly bags to protect our jewelry. By the end of 2024, it is our goal that 75% of the poly bags used are 100% biodegradable.


Recently, our biodegradable packaging has become a reality, but we continue to strive for improvement. From now on, you can keep your jewelry shining sustainably with our new polishing cloths made from 100% recycled polyester!

Our jewelry is crafted with great passion and skill. A Buddha to Buddha piece is an investment for life and deserves proper care to stay in optimal condition. With our new Premium polishing cloths made from 100% recycled polyester, you can ensure that your jewelry remains brilliant wherever you go!

So now, add a silver polishing cloth to your purchase of a silver piece and a gold polishing cloth to your gold piece. Please note: the cloths are not suitable for Premium Gold Plated or Black Rhodium items.

"€55.000 Donated to charity"


Since 2019 we have partnered with charity foundation "Sterk & Positief" for a special collection of Denise cord bracelets. We’ve woven a bond of hope with these special Denise Cords that include three silver elements that represent brain waves.

53% of all proceeds of these cords are donated to the Sterk & Positief Foundation for brain cancer research. As of March 2024, our collective embrace has contributed €55,000 to the fight against cancer. The foundation, supported by the Hersenstichting, ensures that every contribution makes a meaningful impact in the battle against cancer in The Netherlands.

67% social ESG Score

65% Governance ESG Score

58% Environmental ESG Score


We tested ourselves on a set of standards for measuring our impact on society and the environment, as well as our transparency and accountability of our company. We did this to identify in which areas we can make the most improvements, so we can adjust our strategies and policies in such a way that we can meet the needs of the present while safeguarding the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is our goal to improve our scores in all areas by the end of 2024.

The United Nations developed several Sustainable Development Goals, forming a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. Buddha to Buddha contributes to this global partnership to improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – while tackling climate change. Currently, we primarily contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals:



Join us as we commit to this chapter in our story. Where every piece of jewelry is durable, sustainably sourced, eco-friendly packaged, and created with care. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of connection – not just with each other, but with the world around us. 

When you choose a Buddha to Buddha piece of jewelry, you are not only choosing premium quality and craftsmanship but you also choose to care. 

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