Back to school


The end of the summer holidays are in sight and the new school year is upon us. Are you going back to school and looking for the best accessories to complete your outfit? At Buddha to Buddha you'll find all the must-haves for the new school year. Be Bold this school year! Our handmade jewellery designed just for you will remind you that anything is possible, if you DARE!

  1. 2601-Ben_Mini_Bracelet_J101_Front_.jpg Bracelet Ben Mini
    Bracelet Ben Mini
    As low as €189.00 Inclusive Tax
  2. 6991-Katja-Mix-Earring-Silver_441-one_Front_8718997028748.jpg Earrings Katja Mix
    Earrings Katja Mix
    As low as €89.00 Inclusive Tax
  3. 5651-Esther-Small-Ring-Silver_611_Front_8718997028885.jpg Ring Esther Small
    Ring Esther Small
    As low as €89.00 Inclusive Tax

Back to school.

Going back to school can be stressful but also super fun! New classes, new teachers, figuring out your schedule and of course organizing your new social life. We may not have much advice on what subjects to take, but we do have essential jewellery that will boost your school outfits or back-to-school style!

  1. 9511-George-Small-Ring-Silver_810_Front_8718997009259.jpg Ring George Small
    Ring George Small
    As low as €89.00 Inclusive Tax
  2. 3671-Chain-Earring-Silver_432-one_Front_8718997005091.jpg Earrings Chain
    Earrings Chain
    As low as €99.00 Inclusive Tax
  3. 8793-LotusXSPendant_664one_Front_8718997011467.jpg Pendant Lotus XS
    Pendant Lotus XS
    As low as €49.00 Inclusive Tax
  4. 5501-Ellen-Earstud-Silver_479-one_Front_8718997010156.jpg Ear studs Ellen
    Ear studs Ellen
    As low as €69.00 Inclusive Tax
  5. 5711-Barbara_Link_Pendant_108_Front_8718997173158.jpg Pendant Barbara  Link
    Pendant Barbara Link
    As low as €69.00 Inclusive Tax

Bold moves.


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