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Date: 17-10-2023
Geschatte leestijd: 3-5min

Batul's Secrets

Our founder Batul Loomans, who created our brand in 1997, is a very special and inspiring person. In search of the deeper meaning of life, Batul decided to take a meditation journey through Southeast Asia. There, he started sketching a bracelet. The links of the bracelet represented connection. It was designed to keep those who wear the bracelet grounded and connected with themselves, our planet, and others. Together with a local silversmith, he brought those sketches to life; Buddha to Buddha and our first bracelet were born.

Today, Batul Loomans's inspiring spirit still lives on in everything that our brand does. He stimulates us to embrace life and live life while fully being present. We asked him, what his secret to life is and we have good news for you! We’re sharing some of his secrets with YOU!

Can you tell us your secret?

The biggest secret in life is that we are not our thoughts, we are truly made out of silence and love. Sometimes being silent and just meditating, can bring anyone in a state of pure bliss and excitement. So, meditation and doing anything that moves me to that space of being truly silent and being truly myself is the pure secret of life.


What is your secret sanctuary place?

The most sanctuary place for me is anywhere where I can do my daily meditation. Which is, in fact, anywhere! This can even be in the subway or at a restaurant with a friend. 


What inspires you?

Everything that brings me to silence inspires me. At this moment, that is making art. I make art of things that I find on the beach. I have been doing this for years already and I love that when I make art I can let my creativity flow, like the waves flow on the beach. When I make art, I connect with the core of my being. I love to craft things that touch the deepest part of my soul. These are the creations that emerge spontaneously, without much thought, coming to life in the moment. 



We challenge you to get inspired by Batul’s secrets! Try for yourself what being made out of silence, love and connections means to you. Create your own sanctuary place in the midst of the busy world. Take some time for yourself, wherever you are right now. Close your eyes. Just breathe for one minute. What do you feel? What inspires you?


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