Class of 2020.

Buddha to Buddha celebrates graduates of all ages in this unusual year of lockdown and homeschooling. It means closing one book and starting a new chapter in life. Here’s to you! Mark this special moment with an unique piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Our gift to you.

Are you graduated? Show the world you’re part of Locked down Intelligence by hanging a graduation flag out your bedroom window!

Graduation Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas for graduation? Celebrate the accomplishments of graduates with handmade graduation gifts. Give a keepsake that will last a lifetime: a personal and unique piece of jewellery. Personalize your bracelet with a custom engraving. Ask for possibilities to add a personal engraving to your purchase.



* while supplies last. Maximum 1 per person.

UPDATE: Due to great succes the flags are out off stock. They are no longer available. 

  1. 2601-Ben_Mini_Bracelet_J101_Front_.jpg Bracelet Ben Mini
    Bracelet Ben Mini
    As low as €189.00 Inclusive Tax
  2. 5501-Chain-Small-Ring-Silver_541_Front_8718997001765.jpg Ring Chain Small
    Ring Chain Small
    As low as €109.00 Inclusive Tax
  3. 2991-Nathalie-Small-Ring_601_Front_8718997011177.jpg Ring Nathalie Small
    Ring Nathalie Small
    As low as €109.00 Inclusive Tax
  1. 3171-Barbara-XS-Bracelet-Silver_J827-D_Front_8718997010729.jpg Bracelet Barbara XS
    Bracelet Barbara XS
    As low as €219.00 Inclusive Tax
  2. 4441-Tangguh-Signet-Onyx-Ring_051_Front_8718997146763.jpg Signet ring Tangguh Onyx
    Signet ring Tangguh Onyx
    As low as €179.00 Inclusive Tax
  3. 4341-TripleMiniBraceletSilver_Front_J104_8718997173011.jpg Bracelet Triple Mini
    Bracelet Triple Mini
    As low as €369.00 Inclusive Tax
  4. 7411-Ellen-XS-Bracelet-Silver_J150-D_Front_8718997004452.jpg Bracelet Ellen XS
    Bracelet Ellen XS
    As low as €219.00 Inclusive Tax
  1. 6941-Barbara_XS_Necklace_717_50cm_front_8718997172953.jpg Necklace Barbara XS 50CM
    Necklace Barbara XS 50CM
    As low as €259.00 Inclusive Tax
  2. 2511-Ben-Small-Earring-Silver_437-one_Front_8718997021404.jpg Earrings Ben Small
    Earrings Ben Small
    As low as €99.00 Inclusive Tax
  3. 4711-Ben-XS-Bracelet-Silver_J070-D_Front_8718997004285.jpg Bracelet Ben XS
    Bracelet Ben XS
    As low as €289.00 Inclusive Tax