The earrings from Buddha to Buddha are handmade in the highest quality. The result is visible: unique earrings made by the finest craftsman. Earrings that tell your story and upgrade your look. Check out these amazing styles. 



  1. 3741-Barbara_Link_Earrings_114_Front_8718997173172.jpg Earrings Barbara  Link
    Earrings Barbara Link
    As low as €99.00 Inclusive Tax
  2. 3671-Chain-Earring-Silver_432-one_Front_8718997005091.jpg Earrings Chain
    Earrings Chain
    As low as €99.00 Inclusive Tax
  3. 2821-Nathalie-Earring-Silver_434-one_Front_8718997005084.jpg Earrings Nathalie
    Earrings Nathalie
    As low as €99.00 Inclusive Tax
  4. 8221-Refined_Chain_Earhanger_433_Front_8718997093777_1920x1920px.jpg Earhangers Refined Chain
    Earhangers Refined Chain
    As low as €109.00 Inclusive Tax
  5. 7851-Refined_Katja_Earhanger_439_Front_8718997093784_1920x1920px.jpg Earhangers Refined Katja
    Earhangers Refined Katja
    As low as €109.00 Inclusive Tax
  6. 2511-Ben-Small-Earring-Silver_437-one_Front_8718997021404.jpg Earrings Ben Small
    Earrings Ben Small
    As low as €99.00 Inclusive Tax
  7. 6471-Esther-Small-Earring-Silver_440-one_Front_8718997028731.jpg Earrings Esther Small
    Earrings Esther Small
    As low as €99.00 Inclusive Tax
  8. 6991-Katja-Mix-Earring-Silver_441-one_Front_8718997028748.jpg Earrings Katja Mix
    Earrings Katja Mix
    As low as €89.00 Inclusive Tax
  9. 5341-Nathalie-Earstud-Silver_478-one_Front_8718997010149.jpg Ear studs Nathalie
    Ear studs Nathalie
    As low as €69.00 Inclusive Tax
  10. 5501-Ellen-Earstud-Silver_479-one_Front_8718997010156.jpg Ear studs Ellen
    Ear studs Ellen
    As low as €69.00 Inclusive Tax
  11. 5541-Chain-Earstud-Silver_481-one_Front_8718997010170.jpg Earstuds Chain
    Earstuds Chain
    As low as €69.00 Inclusive Tax
  12. 6661-Barbara_Link_Earstuds_109_Front_8718997173165.jpg Earstuds Barbara Link
    Earstuds Barbara Link
    As low as €79.00 Inclusive Tax

Golden earrings

Craft & Quality.

Craftsmanship is at the core of Buddha to Buddha’s premium jewellery. From the design process to development, a team of designers, developers and silversmiths work together to create the finished piece. The chain big bracelet (size E) takes a skilled silversmith around five days to complete, including the clasp, which is made up of 28 intricate pieces. Even the leather on the designs is handwoven by talented leather workers. Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet or a necklace, each piece is the result of a long and meticulous process involving creative minds, infinite patience and very steady hands.

Designed in Amsterdam.

Each new piece of jewellery is like a beautiful flower, developing slowly but surely as time passes. It starts with the first seed of a new idea in the mind of our highly skilled and creative designers in Amsterdam. This is worked out in sketches and computer drawings and discussed with colleagues. From the drawings, each individual piece of silver or another material is measured and calculated.


Handcrafted on Bali.

As the seed germinates into a budding flower, a specialist determines if the piece can be made and which steps are necessary in the process. The design is then sent to Bali, where hundreds of local craftsmen –and women- are engaged in making Buddha to Buddha jewellery. Silver craft is a long established tradition in the island and it’s truly amazing to witness the patience and precision with which every piece is hand-crafted.

For the intricate designs, separate moulds are made. Each line is lovingly drawn and scratched out by hand. With the so-called lost wax casting method, hot liquid silver is then poured into the moulds. After cooling off, the different components of the jewellery, like the petals of a flower, are buffed and polished. And finally, the pieces are linked together and the shining piece of jewellery unfolds like a glorious flower. So when you look at your Buddha to Buddha ring, bracelet or necklace, remember how much love and dedication has gone into the making of it, you will appreciate and cherish it even more!