Which Spirit Bead is the perfect match for you?


Date: 16-03-2023
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More than just a bracelet.

Our Spirit Bead jewellery pieces are more than just beautiful accessories. They carry a deeper meaning with them. Every bracelet from the Spirit Bead family is made of gemstone beads and translated into a truly Buddha to Buddha design with our iconic sterling silver lock. In our Spirit Bead jewellery, we embrace gemstones for their powerful aura and deeper spiritual meaning. Each type of bead carries its own strength. Moreover, they are real eye-catchers and can be easily combined with our other silver or leather bracelets. In this blog, we list all our Spirit Beads, so you can discover which bracelet suits your personal journey best and offers the strength that you need.

Sodalite stone 

Our Spirit Beads with Sodalite stones are perfect for you if you like to carry something with you that gives you strength in the areas of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-acceptance. This stone helps you express feelings and opinions and empowers you to believe in yourself. Does this sound like something that would be good for you? Then take a look below which Spirit Bead bracelet with Sodalite stone suits you best.

Tiger Eye Stone

The Tiger Eye is the perfect match for you if you have a clear goal in mind that you want to achieve. This stone not only keeps you motivated and sharp but also keeps negative influences from the outside at bay. The stone helps you when you need to take a step back, keep an overview, integrate information, and work efficiently. In difficult periods, the Tiger Eye stone can help you draw strength, courage, and confidence from within yourself. Are you currently going through a difficult period or are you working hard to achieve a goal, such as graduating or starting your own business? Then this stone can offer you the strength you need. Mix this stone with Sodalite so you can take on the whole world.

Onyx Stone

Are you currently going through a stressful period in your life? Then a piece of jewellery with this stone might be just what you need to keep yourself grounded and experience the extra support you need. This stone gives you strength and perseverance. The Onyx stone stimulates analytical thinking, logic, and concentration and helps you get the strength you need in stressful and difficult situations. The Onyx stone is also a good stone for people who are easily distracted. The combination between the Onyx and Sodalite stone not only makes for a stylish bracelet but also gives you that extra bit of self-confidence to achieve your personal goals and get yourself through a difficult period.


Do you need even more strength and perseverance? Then check out our other Onyx jewellery and combine it with this powerful bracelet.

Grey Picasso Jasper stone


The Grey Picasso Jasper stone has strong grounding and calming qualities that help encourage strength and self-discipline. The Jasper stone helps you turn your ideas into actions and realize your dreams. The stone makes you determined. Do you want to go for something 100%? Then this stone can help you! The stone helps you stand up for yourself and makes you resilient and assertive in life. This stone also creates a better balance in your body, soul and mind and stimulates your creativity. We combine the grey Picasso Jasper with black lava stones to create the perfect combination of strength and calming energy.

Snowflake Obsidian Stone

Obsidian brings balance to your body, soul and mind. It is a strong insight-giving and cleansing stone and stimulates personal development through (self)insight. The stone also helps you deal with the baggage from your past, so you are ready to live in the here and now. It helps you process traumas and hidden emotions and break through limiting thinking and behavioral patterns. In addition to the general properties of obsidian, snowflake obsidian is a gentle type that facilitates inner peace and tranquility. Are you looking for something that gives you support to process past experiences, and do you want to create a better balance between your body, mind and spirit? Then our jewellery with Obsidian stone is perfect for you.

Black Lava Stone

Black Lava Stone helps you calm your emotions. It unites the energy of fire and earth. Within the stone, the earth's energy tempers the fire. The stone gives courage, increases your willpower and makes you strong and persistent. The stone encourages action and gives you perseverance. Because lava rock also grounds and drains excess energy, it increases your personal power in a balanced way. It is an ideal stone for people who like to add a gentle touch of fire and extra strength to their lives. 


So, are you looking for jewellery with a deeper meaning and would you like to carry something with you that provides some extra strength wherever you go? Then our Spirit Beads are the perfect gift for yourself or someone else who could use some extra power. But be careful with water: the lock of the Spirit Bead bracelets contains a magnet that is not stainless. So avoid contact with water and take it off while swimming or showering.

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