Mending Memories: The skilled goldsmiths of Buddha to Buddha's Workshop


Date: 03-05-2023
Estimated reading time: 3min

Where Jewellery Comes Back to Life.

Did you know that your Buddha to Buddha jewellery is not only designed in Amsterdam, but can also be repaired and engraved in Amsterdam?

We have a repair studio at our Buddha to Buddha Headquarters in Amsterdam, where creative minds work passionately every day to optimize and repair our jewellery. They do this by polishing, engraving, attaching new locks, shortening, extending, enlarging ring sizes, and replacing broken links or leather pieces.

Your jewellery is repaired by well-trained, passionate goldsmiths with many years of experience in fine art. Now you may be thinking "Goldsmiths? But my jewellery is silver, right?". Contrary to what many people think, the terms goldsmith or silversmith say little about the material the smith works with, but more about the final product they create. A goldsmith is a metalworker who specializes in making jewellery and other ornamental and artistic objects from precious metals, such as silver, gold, platinum and palladium. So basically, a goldsmith makes unique jewellery and art objects, and a silversmith mainly makes utilitarian objects, such as silverware, candle holders, etc. However, the distinction between the two professions is not strict and the terms are confused by the public. Now that you have read this blog, you can say that you are part of the people who do know what “goldsmith” means.


Besides giving many pieces of jewellery a new life, our goldsmiths also transform jewellery into personalized pieces that tell a unique story through engraving. We have as many as 15 different pieces of beautiful jewellery that can be engraved with personal text. Many Buddha to Buddha fans choose to engrave a message to themselves, or the person they are giving the piece to, on the jewellery, so they will always think of that person or the engraved message when they wear it. The most popular engravings fans put on their jewellery are: names, initials, their partner's name, or a date, term or quote that is special to them. What would you like to put on your jewellery? Take a look at our Engraving page and discover the possibilities.


Did you purchase any Buddha to Buddha jewellery via our webshop, that needs to be repaired or adjusted? Then contact us via Whatsapp: 06-21338778, Tel: +31(0)88 20 51 000 or If you bought it somewhere else, please contact the relevant outlet for a repair request.

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