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Date: 20-01-2023
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Meet the big five!

Fans of our brand might already know that our heritage collection includes five main family members: Batul, Ben, Edwin, Nathalie and Chain. These tribe members are our big five and made us into who we are today. They keep us grounded, inspire us and form the core of our brand. But do you know the story behind these family members? Why are they named this way and how many days does it take to create a Heritage piece? We have listed the story behind our Heritage tribe members here for you.



Back to our roots with the Batul family! The Batul is our first member of the tribe since 1997. This chain is originally drawn by our founder Batul Loomans himself. He was on a meditation journey in Southeast Asia where he wanted to experience the deeper meaning of life. While he was there, he began to draw. He sketched a chain that stands for the connection between two beings. The bracelet had to be heavy, to keep him grounded in this life. Together with a local silversmith, he brought the sketch to life: the brand and its first bracelet were born. This unique chain quickly became a success among the friends and family of Batul back home. The story behind it was mindful and stands for creating your own path in life. In addition to the iconic handmade silver jewellery from this Heritage collection. The Batul link has also been executed in 14-carat pure gold. Handmade by our best goldsmiths and shaped into a special piece of jewellery. Beauty, quality and timeless design, that's what this fashionable collection stands for. We also have a refined Batul collection since 2020, featuring the iconic Batul link in a slightly finer version. Additionally, we launched a Limited Edition in 2022.



The iconic Ben tribe is our largest family in every sense of the word. This link comes in all shapes and sizes. From very narrow to very wide, from earrings to bracelets and from silver to gold. The Ben bracelet consists of about 30 different hand-twisted links cut from premium 925 silver wire. The links are hand-woven together and then hammered into a mould by our finest silversmiths in Bali. It takes about 3 days to assemble the links of one silver Ben bracelet and a total of 7 days to complete the bracelet completely. As if that's not impressive enough, a golden bracelet takes a whopping 14 days. Ben is heroic and radiates confidence. Named after Ben, a long-time friend of the brand. When you wear any piece of the Ben collection, you carry strength and courage with you!



The Edwin family is an adventurous collection and a hit worldwide. The collection is named after the hero who runs our factory in Bali. The strength and beauty of Edwin jewellery are in the details. The craftsmanship is remarkable and to this day, the Edwin remains one of our most popular links.


The Edwin is a woven bracelet that is put together using handmade links. Each link is hand-twisted and cut from silver wire and then woven together. With about 74-80 links in one bracelet, it is a very difficult bracelet to make with a duration of about 3 days. The links must be perfectly shaped, put together tightly and fall nicely straight without deformation of the links, so the bracelet can only fall one way. The links are custom-made and the intermediate piece with moving elements is also cast by size. Additionally, the Edwin family has another Limited collection with both a leather and silver variant with moving links that are tough yet playful.



When you see the Nathalie tribe you will see a fiercely feminine chain. Nathalie, one of our designers based in Amsterdam, is truly her own muse. Passion is what drives her. When you wear a Nathalie piece of jewellery, whether it’s around your wrist, in your ear or around your finger, one statement will be very clear: you are fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.


The Nathalie consists of an outer and inner link, which are hand-bent around an oval form and then pulled into its shape. The links are twisted piece by piece and assembled by hand. Therefore, this bracelet requires real craftsmanship and takes 4-5 days to make. The natural oxidation in between the links gives the bracelet its fearless touch.


The collection does not only include our iconic silver jewellery, but also includes some limited-edition items with 14-carat gold elements and a sparkle of spinel stones. Spinel is also called the stone of immortality as the stone is renewing and rejuvenating. It gives strength, courage, self-confidence and perseverance and provides a better connection to the energy of the earth. The black Spinel stone also represents class and elegance. So, make sure to also take a look at the Limiteds of this beautiful family.



Welcome to the fearless Chain family! Our chain collection is the only member in the Buddha to Buddha tribe who hasn’t been named after a person. Why you ask? Well, that's because this type of chain has been used worldwide for centuries. It’s famous around the world as the gourmet chain, but our silversmiths managed to turn this chain into a typical Buddha to Buddha piece of art by hand-weaving the links together and making each link fit perfectly into the other. It’s bold and pure. The stylish bracelets and rings of the Chain collection can be worn by both men and women. Anyone who wears a piece of the Chain tribe will be labelled as brave! Because bold actions create explosive results.

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