Limited Esther & Edwin Collectie

Limited edition! Buddha to Buddha is 25 years old and we're celebrating. Discover the art of craftsmanship in our new limited edition collection!

With Buddha to Buddha's vision and jewellery, we want to inspire you to create meaningful connections with the earth, people and especially with yourself.

✓ The Esther collection - 925 sterling silver jewellery with 14K gold details and black spinel stones
✓ The Edwin collection - 925 sterling silver jewellery with handmade links
✓ Designed in Amsterdam & handmade in Bali
✓ Free and fast shipping

What makes the collections so unique is that the jewellery has moving links that are hand-woven together with great precision.

Bold, unisex & timeless.
Shop now the new Esther and Edwin collection from Buddha to Buddha


As an addition to the Esther family, Buddha to Buddha has also designed another special collection here. Within this collection, there is the Esther double mini Limited Bracelet silver gold 14kt with a matching ring - the Esther double mini Limited ring silver gold 14kt. The names of the jewellery actually give it away - there is a subtle yet beautiful gold plate incorporated on the jewellery.

Not lavish enough yet? What do you think of the Esther double black Spinel collection? This consists of a ring and a bracelet that not only incorporates the gold accent but also uses various Spinel stones. Spinel is a gemstone that gives courage, self-confidence and perseverance with the added bonus of better connection to earth energy. Spinel is available in various colours but Buddha to Buddha has chosen black Spinel stones that represent class and elegance. Oh and did we mention that Spinel stones are also innovative and rejuvenating?

The Esther family is also handmade. The bracelets consist of 2 strokes braided on top of each other. Each link is hand twisted and cut from silver wire and then woven together. It takes about 2-3 days to make 1 link, without lock and intermediate piece. Or, 4-6 days for a double link. These bracelets are also custom-made, with the centre piece 'growing' with the size.


The Edwin family is one of Buddha to Buddha's bestsellers. To still be innovative and expand the collection, Buddha to Buddha has once again added beautiful jewellery.

The collection hereby consists of a silver bracelet (the Edwin Small Limited Bracelet), a leather bracelet (Edwin Limited Bracelet Leather Black) and a silver ring (Edwin Limited Ring Silver). All three pieces of jewellery are available in various sizes. What makes this collection so unique is that the jewellery has moving links. This gives the jewellery a playful effect but the robust look still gives it a tough look.

The Edwin is a woven bracelet put together by handmade links. The links are twisted and cut from a silver wire. It takes about 3 days to assemble an entire bracelet! The manufacturing process requires a lot of precision to ensure that the links are the right shape and that the jewellery is still straight. As usual from Buddha to Buddha, these jewellery pieces are all handmade.

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