Summer essentials.

Since summer is already around the corner, Buddha to Buddha has listed all their favorite items. With these summer essentials you can combine endlessly, so time to shop!

  1. 6021-Ben-Bracelet-Silver_070-E_Front_8718997002342.jpg Bracelet Ben
    Bracelet Ben
    As low as €389.00 Inclusive Tax
  2. 7871-Tangguh-Signet-Chain-Ring_052_Front_8718997146848.jpg Signet ring Tangguh Chain
    Signet ring Tangguh Chain
    As low as €109.00 Inclusive Tax
  3. 691-George-XS-Necklace-Silver_716_Front_8718997029042.jpg Necklace George XS 50CM
    Necklace George XS 50CM
    As low as €259.00 Inclusive Tax