Time to Connect

With all our doings, our jewellery and our brand we inspire you to create meaningful connections with the earth, people and most importantly with yourself.

Connect with yourself. Ground.
Get in touch with the inner you.

Reach out. Forge strong and meaningful connections with others.

Connect with the rest of the world.
Give a f*ck. Care.

Make sure you know you. Be out there, be outspoken. Be outrageous. Dance, chill, scream, cry, crave, hate, dress or undress whenever you feel like it.

Reach out. Make meaningful connections with others and together try to give a fuck.

Embrace yourself. Embrace the people you love. Embrace life.  


The Esther link is an iconic family in the Heritage collection. A truly exquisite collection with oxidized links. This treatment process results in a darker colour on the inside of the link.

The sturdy braided link makes this sterling silver serie a real must have! Create a smooth and cool look with this timeless and handmade collection!


The Edwin family is one of the most popular collections from Buddha to Buddha. Handmade from sterling silver and timeless like all Buddha to Buddha jewellery, can be perfectly combined with other jewellery. Be creative and combine jewelry from other families, such as Esther of Ben

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