We all hunt for memories in life. They determine the way we go. The path we choose. The persons we spend time with. 

Our jewellery is a reflection. A connection with the past and a meaning for the present.  

So take a breath, take time to reflect. Make sure you stay grounded, keep embracing your values and create meaningful connections. Embrace life.  

Cherish it. Celebrate it. Craft memories. 

Forever. Together. 


Our brand ambassador for years, DJ La Fuente, wears his Buddha to Buddha jewellery EVERY day.  Every morning, when he puts them on, he takes time to reflect.  

Reflect on the important things in life, which his jewellery reminds him of.  


Life is a collection of moments and memories. Every day you create new ones, and you remember the important ones. 

Joey wears his jewellery every day, because when he puts it on, he always thinks about the moment he got it and who gave it to him. 


For Genevieve, her jewellery is like wearing memories.  If she looks at them, it reminds her of these special moments and people. 

Her friends, her family. They made so many memories together.  And that’s so meaningful, that she can take those memories with her every day.  

Over the years she got a few more beautiful pieces that all hold their own memories. 


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