Buddha to Buddha 2022 Wrapped

Date: 29-12-2022
Estimated reading time: 3min

A year to remember!

The year 2022 is almost coming to an end. It was a year in which we celebrated our 25th anniversary. A year to remember! In this article, we celebrate that this was also a year in which you bought stunning pieces of jewellery which carry many beautiful memories of 2022 with them. Maybe you graduated this year and got a ring to celebrate it. Or maybe you received Buddha to Buddha jewellery from your new love as your first Valentine's Day gift or even got an engagement ring this year. Whatever the story is behind the jewellery you bought in 2022, we are grateful to have been part of your year.

At Buddha to Buddha, we like to celebrate the beautiful things in life. That's why we take a moment to appreciate that you embraced life in 2022 by wearing powerful jewellery. Wearing Buddha to Buddha creates a connection that has already brought millions of people together. To celebrate this, we summarise the year by listing your top favourite jewellery pieces of 2022 and highlighting some of the beautiful stories (scroll down to read) your jewellery brings with it.

Your 2022 stories

We also asked you to share your best stories behind the jewellery you got in 2022 with us.

We have briefly listed some of the most special responses for you:  
"My grandmother gave me a ring for my birthday. She passed away later this year, which makes the ring even more special to me." - Tessa  

"I needed motivation to continue studying again. I finally got my degree thanks to my Buddha to Buddha ring" - Lieke  
"It was an very tough year for me with a lot of medical issues. I got the big Chain to remind me of life." - A 
"I got a piece of Buddha to Buddha jewellery from my parents for graduation. Since then, it has been a symbol of celebration." - Yentl  
"I got the George Texture ring as a gift to myself this year after I got a promotion. Well deserved! Next, the bracelet." - Bo  

"I have got one ring as an engagement ring and one ring as a wedding ring. In addition, another ring and a bracelet at my delivery." - Alieke  
"I bought a Ben Limited 14kt because I left the hospitality industry and now work in a beautiful jewellery store!" - Mike  
"This year I graduated and it was celebrated with a beautiful necklace with pendant from you guys!" - Richelle  
"I got a ring from Buddha to Buddha from my fiancé as an engagement ring!" - Jeffrey  

We want to thank you for every purchase you made in 2022 and for all the wonderful stories we got to be a part of. We hope to make many more connections and memories with you again in 2023.   

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