Skilled Craftsmanship: Handmade Leather and Spirit Beads Bracelets


Date: 06-06-2023
Estimated reading time: 3min

Passion, Craftsmanship, and Soul.

Just like our other jewellery pieces, all our leather and beads bracelets are handmade by extremely talented craftsmen (and women) who pour all their passion and expertise into creating unique masterpieces. With a commitment to using premium materials, we offer a diverse range of leather and bead bracelets that embody what we stand for: We are pure in our extremes. Every piece is unique, and each piece has a soul. Meet our leather and beads bracelets, which are made with 100% passion and pride.

Our Leather pieces: Pure craftsmanship and uncompromising quality

Our leather bracelets embody timeless design and uncompromising quality. Handwoven by our talented leather specialists, these bracelets are made from carefully selected premium materials to ensure they possess exceptional leather quality and the perfect colours. Our leather pieces are each inspired by our iconic silver weavings and seamlessly incorporate our designs into a leather form. This demanding task requires exceptional expertise, as our remarkably talented leather weavers adeptly recreate even the most complex silver patterns with precision and artistry. This shows true craftsmanship!

Whether you're searching for a leather bracelet for men or women, our collection includes a variety of styles to make sure that your piece fits your personal needs. From the iconic Ben, Edwin and Chain collections to the stylish Komang Nathalie, Ellen, Lars, Barbara and Nurul collections, each leather bracelet carries its own unique story. When you choose a leather bracelet from Buddha to Buddha, you're not only acquiring a beautiful accessory but also a symbol of craftsmanship and artistry.

Our Spirit Beads pieces: Spirituality and beauty intertwined

Our Spirit Beads are also passionately strung by hand, using a variety of the most beautiful gemstones. Each Spirit Bead bracelet is not just a real eye-catcher, but also carries a deeper meaning with it. They are made of gemstone beads and translated into a truly Buddha to Buddha design with our iconic sterling silver lock. We embrace gemstones for their powerful aura and deeper spiritual meaning. In our Spirit Beads collection, we feature powerful Soladite, Tiger Eye, Onyx, Grey Picasso Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, and Black Lava stones that each carry their own strength. For example, the Soladite stone gives you strength in the areas of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-acceptance. This stone helps you express feelings and opinions and empowers you to believe in yourself. Click here, to discover which bracelet suits your personal journey best and offers the strength that you need.


These bracelets are perfect to wear on their own, to combine with each other, with our silver or gold pieces, or to wear next to your watch. They are not just accessories; they are works of art, created with passion and pride. Handmade by our exceptionally talented craftsmen and women, these bracelets embody the perfect fusion of craftsmanship, premium materials, and timeless design. Whether you choose a leather bracelet that exudes sophistication or a Spirit Bead bracelet that carries deeper spiritual meaning, our collection offers something for everyone. Whichever piece you choose, you don’t just buy our jewelry, you gift them. It is a gift to yourself or to someone else. A gift for a lifetime.

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